Finding Homes

Finding homes for your things can be a struggle, when clutter owns the kitchen bench, lounge rooms that look like a bedroom and the hallway feels like a laundromat, it's time to set some rules in place.

By adding a storage chest to your lounge room you add an additional surface area while having a location for that spare bedding that finds itself on the couch every Sunday. It's also great if you need to hide away some spare pillows or sofa covers.

A simple yet effective option, putting a side table next to your front door is perfect for any mail or keys that find themselves on every other table in the house. Having a certain spot for certain items will declutter other areas of the house. Also by adding a simple hook system through some home handy work you can make sure the kids jackets don't find themselves spread across the lounge room floor.

Storage beds are great options for that study pretending to be a third bedroom. These give kids a home for all those knick knacks they seem to find. The storage system doesn’t affect the bed, with it still having the appropriate elevation and sizes available.

Wall mounted shelving units will be your life saver, a great option for bathrooms with limited space for towels or the dining room with too much crockery. Grab your local handyman and shelve up! This style can look good in any location of the house with plenty of different materials available for use.

Utilise that dead space, creating cupboards and shelving in areas that have the ability to be transformed. This may cost you a little but by adding addition storage areas not only will your house feel more organised, it will also do wonders for the value of your home.