Making the most of the space you have in your apartment

When furnishing your apartment, utilising your space to its best ability is paramount, making sure that you have everything you need, while eliminating clutter is hard, but doable with these handy tips.

Using all available space

You need to utilise the space you got! Eliminating dead space is essential, a side table next to a seating arrangement rather than a centred coffee table may mean filling that void next to your couch while saving on a coffee table placement in the centre of the room.

Evaluating what you really need

When it comes to saving space think about potential options for all areas of the room, having a TV mounted rather than sitting it on TV cabinet is just one way you can optimise space.

Sizing your furniture to the room

This is a biggie, be sensible when picking your furniture *cough *cough couches. Having furniture that is too big for the space provided can ruin a room, yes that 7 seater corner couch is fabulous but if I need to pole volt over it to get to the bathroom its not gonna work.

Light it up

Natural light gives the illusion of more space! So organise a room working with the light.

Everything has a home!

Make sure that you have homes for all your essentials, for example, if you’re prone to having late night guests invests in a small chest for bedding, or if you find piles of books are your new coffee holder, get yourself a small shelving unit.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make sure your space, has space. Now watch this space for more tips and ideas for your home!